Employee Assistance Program

        Have the struggles of balancing work and family become overwhelming? Feeling down and don’t know why?  Are finances getting you down?  Worried about a friend or co-worker?  

        Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help with these, and other issues.    Heitzinger & Associates provides Helpline services staffed by trained, professional counselors.  EAP consultants will help callers sort out what’s going wrong in their personal lives and put them in touch with resources that might help deal with the problem.  Initial contact with the EAP is free, and provided as a benefit to you by your employer.  (If additional help is necessary, the EAP will attempt to find you assistance that is covered by your insurance benefits, or is a free or low-cost service in your community.) 

        The program is self-initiated; it is up to the person with the problem to contact the EAP.  It is also a private, confidential program - once an employee contacts the EAP, no one will know about that contact unless the employee signs a written statement that allows this.  The only exception to this rule is when the caller has threatened harm to self or others.   

        The Helpline is available to you and your family members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

        How can the EAP help employees?

        Sometimes it’s difficult to leave personal problems at home.  At any given time, employees might be dealing with grief and loss issues, legal or financial difficulties, relationship problems, worksite conflicts, chemical dependency, or caring for sick or elderly family members.  Sometimes personal problems can interfere with an employee’s ability to consistently meet job performance expectations and/or adhere to departmental work rules.  Since the EAP’s focus is on prevention and early identification and intervention for problems, a call to the EAP will put you in touch with professional help, information, and referral if needed.

        How can the EAP help supervisors and managers?

        The EAP can help prevent supervisors and managers from becoming overly involved in their employees’ personal problems that may be affecting their work performance.  EAP coordinators can provide callers with consultation for dealing with persistent performance problems or repeated work rule violations, strategize about how to provide accommodation to an employee returning to work after treatment, or discuss how best to talk to an employee about a sensitive issue.  In addition, the EAP is available to supervisors and managers for any personal problems they (or their family members) may be experiencing.

        How can the EAP help family members?

        Family members may access the Helpline for their own personal problems, or they may call because they are concerned about a spouse or family member who is an employee.  The EAP will not contact an employee at the request of anyone - not even his/her partner or spouse.  The EAP coordinator will, however, help the caller sort out the issues, provide support and options, and if necessary, provide direction to resources and coach the family member on how to discuss his or her concerns with the party involved. 

        How can the EAP help a union representative?

        The EAP can provide union representatives with consultation regarding how best to approach an employee whose job performance problems are caused by personal problems.  The EAP can help the co-worker receive timely and appropriate help, and prevent the union representative from becoming overinvolved with a co-worker’s personal problems.

        How can the EAP help your co-worker?

        Sometimes you may be aware of a co-worker’s personal problems.  Without timely and appropriate help, these problems will usually persist, and may result in the development of  job performance difficulties.  If you believe that a co-worker’s personal problems are causing him or her difficulty at work, suggesting that the person contact the EAP is an appropriate way to respond that also communicates that you care about him/her.


        As you enjoy Springtime, the season of growth and change, please keep the EAP in mind as a valuable resource that is voluntary, free, and