Eating Disorders Resouces


October 2001


Center for Christian Counseling†††††

††††† Sharon Vander Zyl††† 231-6731


Isthmus Psychotherapy

††††† Deborah Zucker††††† 256-6570††


Manning Counseling Center

††††† (Several Therapists)†† 255-1116


Mental Health Resources

††††† Susan Brown, Ph.D.††

†††† Susan Neff, R.N.†††††††† 833-9770

Miller, Jan††††††††††††† 231-3300

Overeaters Anonymous

††††††††† Meeting/Info Line††††††† 800-931-2237

Womenís Issues Support Group**

††††††††† Ellen McGee††††††† 256-2358

†††††††† Ritchie, Scott, Ph.D.††††† 274-5115

†††††††† Rogers Memorial Hospital

††††††††††† Residential

†††† Oconomowoc, WI†††† 800-767-4411

†††† 24x7 response†††††† 262-646-4411

** Time Sensitive Resource Ė check before referring EATING DISORDERS WEBSITES (EAP Digest Fall 2001)††† American Anorexia Bulimia Association:A national, nonprofit organization of concerned members of the public & healthcare industry dedicated to the prevention & treatment of eating disorders (edís).††† The Academy for Eating Disorders:A multi-disciplinary professional organization focusing on anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and related disorders.


www.edap.orgED Awareness and Prevention:The nationís largest nonprofit organization devoted to the awareness and prevention of eating disorders.


www.something-fishy.orgThis extensive page provides numerous links and lots of information about edís and body-image issues.


www.eatright.orgAmerican Dietetic Association:includes an extensive nutrition reading list. Disorders Recovery Online


www.hedc.orgHarvard Eating Disorders Center


www.overeatersanonymous.orgOA Fellowship site dedicated to Deborah Somone Fradin, includes a wide range of materials on edís.


www.edreferral.comED Referral and Information Center Ė referrals to ed professionals, treatment facilities and support groups. Source On Line Ė Eating Disorders. State Universityís Body Task force Ė explores body-image disturbance and edís.