De-stressing the Workplace


1. Build rewarding, pleasant cooperative relation      ships with your colleagues.

2. Manage your time effectively.

3. Build an effective and supportive relationship with your supervisor/manager.

4. Study the future, be pro-active with your career.

5. Find time for detachment from your job and relaxation.

6. Take a walk now and then.

7. Don’t put off dealing with distasteful problems. Accept short-term stress instead of focusing on long-term anxiety and discomfort.

8. Make a constructive “worry list.”


1. Communicate the most accurate and up-to-date       information as soon as possible.

2. Tap the resources of your staff.

3. Be compassionate with your staff.

4. Confront negativity and rumors.

5. Encourage employee fellowship (i.e. lunches, dinners,   picnics, etc.)

6. Answer the whys; don’t beat around the bush.