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Service Plan

Includes consultation, supervisor/management training, employee meetings, Helpline Assessment Promotional Brochures & Helpline cards, Prevention Items, Utilization reports and EAP orientation training.



$23 x number of employees per year


We will come to your worksite for consultations,trainings and critical incident debriefings . tailored to your specific needs.


Supervisor/Management Training

Key personnel are trained to understand the components of EAP, program policies, and utilization of services. Key personnel are trained to understand the components of EAP, program policies, and utilization of services. Topics included are: progressive discipline, progression of chemical dependency, confrontation, and recognizing enabling and denial behavior in employees.



Employee Meetings

We will meet on the worksite with all of your employees, for approximately one hour per session, to explain the Employee Assistance Program. Discussion includes components of the program, confidentiality, and utilization of the Helpline and assessments.




The HELPLINE is our primary service for employees and their immediate family members. This 800-number is a 24-hour, 7-day per week service which provides the opportunity to speak with a counselor on a confidential basis. Our professional staff is experienced in offering support and assistance with problem solving for a variety of personal problems. These include issues regarding marriage, family, relationships, alcohol/drug abuse, financial, vocational, legal, medical, stress, and suicide/depression. Crisis intervention can be provided if necessary. Information is available about various community resources and referrals made when appropriate. Our staff will help employees understand their insurance coverage if referrals for treatment or counseling are made. We will coach employees on questions to ask when seeking services from various resource providers. The employee chooses which services to use. Follow-up with employees and family members is determined by the individual. Employees and family members are encouraged to use the HELPLINE as often as needed, with the understanding we do not provide therapy. Supervisors and administrators are also encouraged to utilize our HELPLINE for organizational consultation.

$12.00 x Number of Employees per year


We are available to meet in person with employees and/or their family members for a preliminary assessment regarding personal problems. Both Psychological and AODA assessments are available. Problem-solving assistance is provided, which consists of offering choices and information about community resources. We will recommend a bank of assessments per year based on a percentage of the number of employees. You will be billed only for actual assessments provided.



Promotional Brochures and Helpline Cards

We will provide you with an adequate number of our standard wallet-sized Helpline cards and descriptive brochures based on our cost. If preferred, you are also welcome to develop your own materials.


Workshops*Click on Workshop Page for details & topics.

Our staff is available to provide workshops or discussions on topics that are important to employees, managers, and to the worksite as a whole. Examples of topics we have addressed over the past year include: Stress Management, Family Relationships, Sexual Harassment, Improving Communication, Alcohol/Drug Issues, Preventing Violence, Grief/Loss, Coping with Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution, Managing Time

Optional $120/hour